Why Cats Make Great Pets For Your Chicago Apartment


Does your job take you out of town often?

Does your office keep you away from home for extended periods of time?

Looking for a low maintenance pet?

Do you want a pet who likes to cuddle but also can entertain itself?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, consider a cat as an addition to your apartment.  

No outdoor Walks Necessary!


Cats do not need to be taken on walks to release energy. They are content with running around the apartment and then taking a nap.   They are the inventors of "cat naps" - lots of naps for lots of nocturnal energy!

Use of vertical space Cats are content in small spaces and the smaller the better!  They like to crawl on top of furniture and climb to the highest heights. They like to look down over everything. Cat furniture with multi-levels gives them the perfect vantage point, allowing them to survey their domain.  If you are on a budget, you can use shelves but be sure to secure them to avoid toppling over.   

Cats Are Independent Creatures!   


Cats can be left alone for extended periods of time. They love to cuddling with their favorite human but are experts at entertaining themselves. Don't waste money on toys at a local pet store - they make their own out of everyday items.  A simple flashlight can provide hours of entertainment in a darkened room.  They find contentment in the simplest objects - a paper bag, a cardboard box, anything they can bat around.  The best thing about felines is that they are litter trained so no outside excursions.

When Kitty comes home.   


The apartment should be prepared for your new apartment mate.  Do research to find out what plants are harmful and which are safe.  Do a quick survey to make sure chemicals are out of range.  Electrical cords and window blind cords can be attractive so find a way to camouflage and raise cords so they are out of reach.

Cats live to scratch!  

It is very important that you have items that they are able to scratch.  Scratching posts are vertical so it's a space saver in a tight spot.  They have scratchers that can hang on doors or scratch mats to place on the floor.  Scratching is their way of saying "This apartment is mine!"  is good for them to have something to scratch because this is how they mark their territory.  Providing a scratch outlet will definitely save your textiles and drapes!

All PPM buildings are cat friendly and we charge NO extra fees and no extra deposit for our feline friends!  To tour PPM buildings call us today @ 773.570.3744 or visit ppmapartments.com