Hot Decorating Trends For Your Chicago Apartment


Would you like to maximize the space of your small apartment as much as possible? If you said “yes”, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while decorating. The first thing is to choose a color that will make your apartment look larger than it actually is.  

Once you have selected that perfect color, picking the right type of furniture along with decorations that reflect your personality is essential.  Lighting is also an important decision in maximizing your space. 

Choose your hue


Selecting paint colors for your apartment can be difficult and stressful. There seems to be millions of choices - how can you pick just one?  When you have a small apartment it is best to choose soft tones. This could be off-whites, blues and greens.  The trim and molding should be lighter than your walls. When you pick your paint it is best to make your apartment bright. Having brighter rooms will make them look bigger, and more inviting to your guests. 
Essentials for comfort

Picking Furniture


Furniture that will compliment the petite size of your apartment is important and can be tricky. When searching for ideas, consider furniture that can serve multiple purposes. A futon is a good substitution for a sofa. Not only can this be used as a sitting area but it can also be used as a bed for overnight guests.  One style of furniture to steer clear of is oversized furniture. Having oversized furniture will take up excess space that you do not have.  Oversized furniture will diminish the size of your living space.  Storage in a small apartment can also be limited so choosing pieces that can double as storage is a great idea. For example, a bench or ottoman with a storage area is a perfect selection.  A bed with storage underneath could be useful for clothing or even odds and ends. 

Feathering The Nest


Decorating your apartment can be challenging.  Keeping the space clutter-free while making it intriguing and eye-catching is important to consider.  How about displaying one large painting or print instead of several smaller ones?  Having a main focal point can help distract them from how small your apartment is and focus on the decorative aspect of it. Utilizing mirrors as decorations can create depth which will lengthen the apartment, giving the illusion of being larger than it actually is. 

Bright Ideas


Lighting is not the first thing that comes to your mind while trying to decorate and maximize the look of your apartment. Instead of covering windows with heavy drapes, allow natural lighting to shine in windows. Use sheer and light colored curtains and if windows are small, hang the curtain rod above the window frame to lengthen the window length.  If there is limited natural lighting due to the lack of windows, there are other options. One option is to select fixtures that are light-colored. This will allow artificial light to brighten your apartment. The same mirrors used to help with the depth of the apartment can also help with lighting. If you place a mirror by the window the natural light can reflect around the apartment. Lighting will help to create depth and brightness around your apartment to make it a cozy respite.

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